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Wedding Investment

What can we expect when choosing you as our photographers?

We can commit to giving you the very best we can give on the day of your wedding, during the planning process and after the celebration. In addition to expecting us to take great photos on your wedding day, you can expect us to truly listen to your needs and concerns, communicate with you clearly and in a timely manner, give you an honest opinion, pay attention to the details, and respect, honor and support the way you choose to express your love and yourselves.

As your wedding photographers, we spend a lot of your wedding day with you two. For this reason, we like to find a good balance of being respectful of your privacy, while also being a positive addition and stress-free presence. While we have a relaxed demeanor, we take the work we do very seriously and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of business and art. We work with top of the line equipment and backup equipment. We have trained to be prepared to shoot in any location and circumstance regardless of what surprises come up.


What are the benefits of working with two professional wedding photographers?

In short, you get better pictures! Both Ray and Gina have shot many weddings solo as primary photographers and each of us delivers solid, full coverage of a wedding day. You will get two primary photographers with experience working together rather than a primary shooter and a second shooter. When we work together, we are able to be in two places at once, capture more of those moments and angles that more fully tell the story of your wedding day and have more opportunity to take artistic and creative shots. We each have slightly different aesthetics that compliment each others so you also get even more image variety. Overall, the experience is more complete. As you’re planning your photography budget and choosing your coverage options, we strongly recommend fewer hours with both of us rather than more hours with just one of us.


What is the investment? 

All wedding coverage options include digital files with printing rights. Photography coverage by Gina and Ray begins in the mid-2000’s and goes into the lower 4000’s for longer days. The most popular coverage option is in the lower 3000’s.

Other a la carte additions that are popular among our clients include:

  • Engagement Session [Up to 2 hours at up to 2 locations, DVD of images] — $300
  • Bride & Groom Album – typically $600 – $1000
  • Parent Books– typically $350
  • 11×14 and 8×10 Prints for Bride and Groom– typically $100
  • 8×10 and 5×7 Prints for Parents and Family – typically $100

Estimates available for your specific wedding, shorter weddings and more intimate weddings that may just need one of us. Contact us so can discuss the options and investment that would meet your needs as a couple.

When we meet, we offer several discounts for a decisive YES! Within 24 hours of our meeting, receive 5% off of coverage if you book us by signing the contract and paying deposit and 10% off commitment to an album.

As always, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or worried or just want a second opinion, let me know at any point of the planning process and we’d be happy connect with you!