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Ordering after your session

How does the gallery work?

Your gallery will be available online for 30 days after the day it is released to you. Some of the commonly used features are: the “favorites” to keep a list of your favorite images from the session, the online ordering for ordering prints and the ability to download pictures from the gallery when you purchase the digital files.


How can using the “favorites” feature make the ordering process easier?

Click on the “favorite icon” (the heart shaped button) to keep track of your favorite images and I will be able to see what you’ve selected. This is a good time saver for keeping marking your preferred images from the session and is the easiest way to let me know which digital files you’d like to purchase. Please let me know how I can assist you, as I can let you know the number of images you have in your favorites or create a new folder with the favorites you’ve selected in it. When you click on an individual image, you will see a file name below the picture that can be used for communication and is where you can remove the favorite icon from an image.


How do we order prints? Can we get free shipping?

You can order prints using the store function in your gallery. During checkout, enter the code VIP15 to waive the shipping fee. The free shipping only qualifies for prints going to the home of the primary client.


Can our family place an order too?

Yes! It’s a popular option (especially for newborn shoots) for family members, like grandparents, to be able to order their own prints. You can share the gallery link and password with them (or I can) and they can place their own order and have the photos arrive at their door step. It is one less thing for the parents to do.


What else can we order? Why can we not do this thru the gallery?

I offer many products, including albums, bamboo and wood mounted prints, cards, journals, and more, including custom requests. I want these items to be perfect for you so communicating about them via email, phone or in person ordering ensures you get just what you are looking for. These are heirloom products, to be passed on from one generation to the next, so it is worth the extra customization and consult.


What post-processing happens to images? Do you retouch photos?

All images released from your session are given individual attention to ensure the strongest exposure, color and composition. All of the images that you purchase in digital collections and that go to print thru me receive additional treatments such as selective lightening and darkening of areas, softening, sharpening, etc. In certain circumstances, I offer additional tweaks for minor aesthetic changes (i.e. temporary facial scrapes) but I do not believe in completely changing the physical characteristics of faces or bodies. You are beautiful just as you are!


Why print your images?

In today’s digital world, we often take pictures and they forever live on our cell phones, computer hard drives or social media accounts. Even our favorite pictures often don’t go to print. I archive digital files in various ways to do all we can to increase the likelihood they will last for decades to come, but technology changes and who knows what the future of digital photography and storage will hold. I believe one of the only true ways to preserve a digital image is to print it in some form. I believe strongly in how wonderful it is to have pictures printed in any form so your session comes with a $20 print or product credit. It’s a small financial incentive for clients to get pictures printed in some form.


Can we print images on our own?

Yes. When you purchase digital files, they come with a print release. I retain the copyright ownership, meaning I own the photographic works, but you get to print on your own. If you want to print on your own I caution you to be aware that consumer labs can have poor quality paper, color variation which does not accurately represent the digital file and inaccurate cropping. In Madison, your best local option is “The Camera Company”. Printing through me and the professional lab I work with comes with many bonuses and I would strongly recommend it for prints larger than 8×10.


Why print with you and a professional lab?

When you invest in professional photography to capture your family, part of the full experience is having access to professional grade prints and products and the guidance of a professional photographer. Ordering through Gina Bower Photography ensures the delivery of these high-quality archival prints and products, custom to your needs and vision. Images will look the way they were meant to- with true colors, clear details and quality that is second to none. A well-made print or product will become a family heirloom to be enjoyed through the decades, for generations to come to enjoy.


What is the turn around time for prints and albums?

Typically turn-around time for prints is 2-3 weeks. Typical turn-around time for albums and other products is 3-4 weeks after it is sent to print. Rush orders can often be accommodated. Early ordering before the holidays is highly recommended.


Are gift certificates available?

Yes, they available for anyone to gift to the family. Fill out the form below to buy one online.

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