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Newborn Tips

– Choose the timeline that you and your family are comfortable with. Taking pictures within 7-10 days of the baby’s birth is a popular timeline for many reasons: it makes certain curled up poses more convenient, it’s more likely we’ll get the sleepy looking newborn images, it’s timely for getting out announcements, etc. Babies change so much during these early days and early weeks will look and act a bit different so taking pictures after the baby is 10 days old has other benefits: it’s more likely baby’s eyes are open for longer stretches, it can be easier on the parents during the adjustment period, etc).

– When booking your session, you let me know your estimated due date. When baby arrives, you let me know and we get an official date in the books then. I commonly start newborn sessions at 9:00 am and typically allow about 3 hours (sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less). Patience and flexibility come in handy as the baby’s needs and mood can be unpredictable.

– Most newborns photograph best in something simple: naked with or without diapers/diaper cover, wrapped up in blankets or a meaningful onesie or outfit. During most shoots, babies are not typically wearing clothing so there is access to all their sweet little details.

– We will do various things to make sure baby is warm enough. I bring a heating pad and space heater. Sometimes baby will lay on top of mom or dad, and can turn up your thermostat so the house is a bit warmer than usual.

– Avoid anything that will leave indentations prior to the session like tight fitting socks, clothes or diapers. I bring organic waterproof pads that we use when baby is diaper-free.

– Set aside a few of your favorite blankets and/or other meaningful items you may want included in a photo. We will just use a few but it’s convenient to have them clean and ready to go.

–  On the day of the shoot, don’t adjust your baby’s schedule (or non-schedule). As necessary, we troubleshoot needs such as nursing, feeding, diaper changing, etc. so taking breaks and regrouping is just a part of the process and why we allow extra time.

– I let the baby lead and I let you lead too since you know your baby the best.  I’ll have suggestions and ideas but you always get to choose what’s right for your family.

– When choosing what to wear for you and any other family members, outfits with solid colors (especially darker neutrals) and that are simple will naturally draw more attention and focus to the baby and to the sweet interactions between you all.