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Meet the artist


I’m Gina, a professional photographer based in Madison, Wisconsin. I capture natural and genuine images of you and your loved ones, with a laid back and playful tone.

Through photography I want to help families and couples celebrate what they love, celebrate who they love.

At the end of the day, the love and connection we share, the moments we spend with one another- that’s what life is all about. 

Effective October 1st 2017, I’m taking a temporary leave from family photography to focus on my family. In addition, Ray and I are not booking weddings for the 2018 season.



I am inspired by the stories of families and the magic of photography, so it’s fitting my commitment to photography solidified while working in Italy as a nanny (instead of going to medical school). I pursued formal photography schooling in Florence, Italy and later in midcoast Maine. I emerged with an artistic aesthetic with an emphasis on natural light, emotion, gesture, detail and relationship. My fine art photography background, infused with my positive energy, creativity, flexibility and openness (to ideas and being goofy) is the heart of the Gina Bower Photography.

My gratitude for photography and my passion to capture life’s moments for others has only deepened as our family grows. The professional photos we have of our 2 year old, Nina, and our baby, Gabriel, are really priceless and help to freeze this surreal time. Our photo album collection is always expanding- providing precious heirlooms that will withstand the test of time (and won’t be lost on our computers), reminding us of these times- what we did, what we are about, what we believe in, what we love. I want to bring those reminders to your family.

Becoming a mama and getting married has made me a better photographer and a better person- keeping more things in perspective and increasing my empathy and understanding of these huge transition times! I have an even deeper appreciation for moms and women everywhere. You give a lot and are doing a great job. You also deserve a lot, including some self-care time, periodic rejuvenating sleep and plenty of nutritious delicious meals. I can’t provide you all with that, but I can provide you with beautiful images of your family. If you’re interested, I can also provide some tips on how to successfully wear a fanny pack and dance the samba– two things that are big parts of my life.

Let’s connect to talk about your personalized photography experience. I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, explore some of the natural light family photography and find out more of the session details.

Getting married? The artists behind the wedding images are me and my husband, Ray. Read about our husband wife wedding photography team.