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Expecting Mama Tips

– Scheduling your session during the 7th or early 8th month of pregnancy (29 to 35 weeks, late 2nd trimester & early 3rd trimester) works well for most mamas. I did my pregnancy shoot on my due date, so I’m happy to accommodate as late as you’re comfortable with. Each pregnancy and woman is unique so schedule when feels right to YOU!

– Include partners, children, pets and anyone else you want to feature as part of your growing family.

– Wear more playful outfits, something classic or anything in between. Wear layers and consider an outfit change, especially if we are going indoors and outdoors.

– Above all, wear something that you feel comfortable and good in. Shirts and dresses that are form fitting around your tummy look best in pictures that are celebrating your growing belly. Be mindful of avoiding lines from pants, undergarments or tights that will show thru.

– If you’d like pictures of your bare belly, be sure to not wear any constricting waistbands that will leave any indentations for a couple hours before the session. Bandeau tops, bra tops, button-up or zip-up shirts or tastefully tied or laid fabric all work great.

– No need to do anything special to prepare, but sometimes mamas take the opportunity for much deserved pampering like a manicure (hands make it into belly pictures a lot), pedicure, a hair blow-out, massage or anything else that will make you feel extra special, relaxed and good.